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Preparing Guacamole

Why Crazy King Burritos?

Crazy King Burrito is the BEST new franchise to come to the United States. We are founded on integrity and proudly use cherished family recipes. We focus ONLY on authentic Mexican burritos and burrito bowls. That’s it. Our pricing is very simple with high margins. We’re not “fast food.” We are the highest-quality, delicious QUICK FOOD available.


The quality of our food, the integrity of our owners, and the inviting décor of our restaurants assure the success and longevity of our franchisees.


Quality Fresh Ingredients

At Crazy King Burrito we use only the freshest ingredients. This assures that our customers enjoy the very best tasting authentic burritos. 

Our recipes have been passed down through several generations guaranteeing that competitors are not able to reproduce our great tasting burritos.  In fact, our peppers must be grown in only one region in the entire world to assure proper taste and heat. Even our flour tortillas are prepared fresh.


We believe that attention to detail is how you will produce a better product with every order.

Who are IDEAL Franchise Owners?

Crazy King Burrito franchise owners are genuine individuals dedicated to quality in the food they serve. Their conduct is professional and their staff is well guided. Regardless of whether your team operates one location or fifty, our franchise owners insist on success in every way to assure that every customer leaves happy and returns often.


Burrito Connoisseurs

Crazy King Burrito was founded in Mexico using secret family recipes. The original restaurant, located on the island of Cozumel, Mexico, continues to prosper under the leadership of its founders, Jaime & Haidee Gonzalez. Across multiple social media and travel advisory platforms, Crazy King Burrito is consistently ranked the highest for quality and service.  


David Schuck and Jeff Alisch have teamed up to bring the great tastes of Crazy King Burrito to the United States. David and Jeff both bring strong business and management experience to help even the most novice of business owners experience the success they deserve. Become part of the Crazy King Burrito family today!

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